Thermal imaging key to managing social distancing

Jackys Business Solutions is offering two fever-detection solutions: thermal cameras and AI-based smart helmets. The thermal cameras from Axis comes with software to measure the temperature of people in large areas such as malls, airports, border control, hospitals, office lobbies, helping the management to monitor and ensure the safety of their workers and their customers. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, the CCTV cameras deliver thermal imaging in 336×256 resolution. These support up to six temperature alarm zones that can be used to trigger an alarm. It offers two kinds of alarms triggered by a deviation in temperature: when the temperature goes beyond a set limit or if it increases too rapidly. Jacky’s is working with Axis in the UAE to promote their IR and thermal cameras.

AI-based smart helmets are another product that Jacky’s is supplying the UAE and Middle East region. It can provide contactless temperature measurement, temperature recording,  face recognition and thermal imagining. The helmets also come with high quality AR screen and is made up of advance stab proof meta material with energy absorbing design, weighing only 1 kg. This portable solution is suitable for use in crowded areas. As numbers increase in public spaces, these would help monitor crowds in areas like malls, airports, hospitals, and public spaces. 

The smart helmets are also a great solution for temporary or pop-up events where the installation of fixed thermal cameras or checking temperature of each individual person entering a venue isn’t practical.

If you are interested in finding out more about these solutions for escalators in your building, please send an email to

Thermal Imaging Key To Managing Social Distancing

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