Elevating commercial aircraft cabin design with 3D printing

When it comes to designing business class cabins for the likes of Boeing and Airbus, Jamco America turns to MakerBot METHOD to streamline its workflow.


Jamco America had access to industrial 3D printers, but the printers were located in the Tokyo headquarters and the parts came with up to a one-month lead time. Local service providers took several weeks at minimum and costs of several hundreds of dollars per part.


After comparing 15 printers, they landed on the MakerBot METHOD. [METHOD] helped the team to improve their process to meet their goals of rapid prototyping and many iterations, very quickly. The combination of a Circulating Heated Build Chamber and PVA water-soluble support material also enable industrial-level dimensional accuracy while printing highly complex geometries.


To read the full story and case study, click here.


If you want to find out how MakerBot can help your 3D printing needs, talk to one of our team or email Giselle Olavario on Giselle.Olavario@jackys.com.

Elevating Commercial Aircraft Cabin Design With 3D Printing

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