Jacky’s Business COO participates in special 3D forum hosted by Dubai Future Foundation

Jacky’s Business Solutions’ COO, Ashish Panjabi, was invited to join a special 3D Printing Thought Leadership Roundtable hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation last month. The sessions were to get feedback and input from some of the 3D printing companies and agencies operating in the region. In addition to feedback, the consortium discussed and share their thoughts on the future of 3D in the region.


Ashish Panjabi, COO, said, “We have been a part of the group since its inception and it is encouraging to see that the stakeholder group has now grown to see more than 30 companies offering different 3D related services and options for this sector.”


The sessions also reflected on the growing public-private collaborations and the ongoing strategy and direction.

Jacky’s Business COO Participates In Special 3D Forum Hosted By Dubai Future Foundation

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