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Innovation calls for boldness, flexibility, and the freedom to create. It also calls for risks, which involves stepping into the unknown and experimenting. MakerBot believes that there’s an innovator in everyone and that innovators need the freedom and flexibility to experiment. 

MakerBot Labs is an experimental community and platform for engineers and developers to create, build, customize, and collaborate on MakerBot 3D printing solutions.

Push the limits of what’s possible on MakerBot 3D printers by easily switching between the tested reliability of the MakerBot Smart Extruder+ and the MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder.

Designed for advanced users, the Experimental Extruder enables experimentation with a range of materials with a modifiable hardware design, 4 interchangeable nozzles, and access to custom print modes. Materials include PLA, ColorFabb bronzeFill, ColorFabb copperFill, ColorFabb corkFill, and ColorFabb woodFill. 

With a modified thermal core and a more secure thermal barrier tube, the Experimental Extruder makes changing nozzles easy. Large diameter draft nozzles reduce total print time by up to 75%.

The Experimental Extruder is compatible with the MakerBot Replicator+, Replicator Mini+, and Replicator Z18.

Watch this video to learn how to configure the MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder and change between the four included nozzles.





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