Flexa introduces new high-speed laminator

Flexa has launched a new high speed laminator capable of touching 20 meters per minute. The new Flexa Formula is available in two widths: 1.6 m and 2.1 meter. It is a high-performance laminator suitable for industrial applications and allows laminating, mounting and incapsulating prints, with the options to apply application tape and double-sided adhesive.

The higher speeds mean less space is required and less manual labour, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

The new Flexa Formula is sturdy and robust laminator that comes with 3-inch aluminum shafts (total 5 shafts) for easy loading and unloading of the rolls. Guaranteeing every day high quality results with great speed (on demand up to 20 m/min – 66 ft/min), it can support big and heavy rolls with diameter up to 270mm because of the increased distance between rollers and support shafts. It offers heated upper roller with preset electronic temperature regulation – standard on and is ideal for mounting images on panels even of large dimensions, for encapsulation or for simultaneously applying a plastic film and a double-sided adhesive for mounting.

If you need more information on this new laminator from Flexa, drop our team an email on support@cuttingedge.solutions.


Flexa Introduces New High-Speed Laminator

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