MakerBot introduces CloudPrint which will allow 3D printers to be used in an e-learning environment

MakerBot has introduced CloudPrint™ that allows teams to collaborate and share access to MakerBot 3D printers – even when working remotely. Cloud Print’s intuitive connected 3D printing experience enables teams, both local and remote, to easily tap the industrial 3D printing power of METHOD.

Whether working in the same office or remotely around the world, Cloud Print allows your team to effectively work within teams both small and large. At a time when many students are learning at home, they can still access their 3D printers at school at university remotely, thus ensuring learning doesn’t stop.  Check out the video for how  CloudPrint works.

If you need more information on MakerBot and CloudPrint, drop our team an email on


MakerBot Introduces CloudPrint Which Will Allow 3D Printers To Be Used In An E-Learning Environment

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