Jacky’s offers Pepper to “try before you buy”

As the master distributor for Soft Bank Robotics, Jacky’s Business Solutions is now offering organisations the option to “try before you buy” Pepper. The rental option can be either event-based or for longer periods 3 or 6 months, giving them the opportunity to test out the humanoid robot, Pepper, and its capabilities with the Robotic Content Management System (RCMS) that Jacky’s offers.

The 3-month and 6-month rental options are for customers who would like to try the robot for a longer period. The customer also has a choice of converting the rental into sales by paying the difference between the rental amount and the selling price of the solution.

Manoj Ganpathy, head of Visitor Management Solutions at Jacky’s, commented, “As the UAE businesses are gradually bouncing back, we anticipate several activities including events planned in the upcoming months. This rental option will be ideal for customers to have a risk-free trial and have a choice of owning the product as well.”

For more details, you can reach the VMS sales team on vms.sales@jackys.com

Jacky’s Offers Pepper To “Try Before You Buy”

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