Jacky’s adds K3 Façade Cleaning Robot to Revolutionise Skyscraper Maintenance

Jacky’s Business Solutions has expanded its service robot portfolio with the addition of the K3 Façade Cleaning Robot, a cutting-edge solution designed to tackle the challenges of high-altitude cleaning of skyscrapers and large buildings.

Redefining Building Maintenance

The introduction of the K3 robot represents a significant shift in the approach to maintaining high-rise structures. This innovative technology is engineered to address several critical issues in traditional cleaning methods, such as safety risks, inefficiency, and environmental impact.

The K3 robot fundamentally alters the high-risk task of cleaning tall buildings. By allowing cleaning tasks to be conducted remotely, it reduces the need for human cleaners to work at perilous heights, substantially minimizing the risk of accidents.

Productivity and Sustainability

A notable feature of the K3 robot is its efficiency – capable of cleaning 1200-2000 square meters per day, it triples the productivity compared to manual cleaning. The robot’s minimal water usage and sewage recovery system underscore its environmentally friendly design, reducing water waste and chemical use. Its design focuses on energy and water conservation, utilizing just 20L of water per day and a sewage recovery system that salvages up to 98% of used water, showcasing a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Versatility Across Various Settings

The K3 robot’s application extends across multiple urban environments from aiding in maintaining the pristine appearance of large glass structures like shopping malls, hotels, train stations and office buildings. Designed for endurance and efficiency, it can operate in various weather conditions and is suitable for cleaning flat glass and stone surfaces.

The launch of the K3 Façade Cleaning Robot marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of building maintenance technology. With its focus on safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, the K3 robot is set to transform the way skyscrapers and large buildings are maintained, positioning Jacky’s Business Solutions at the forefront of this innovative domain.

If you want a demo or explore the K3 robot, drop our team an email on vms.sales@jackys.com.

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