BigRep is the world’s largest 3D printer with 1m3 built volume. It works on FDM technology that can use open-source PLA biodegradable plastics. PLA comes in a variety of colors and types. PLA is also the cheapest and most used 3D printing filament.

BigRep Expands Into High-Temperature Large-Format By Acquiring HAGE3D

Jacky’s Business Solutions’ vendor, BigRep, is strengthening its leadership position in the industrial open AM sector by acquiring HAGE3D GmbH, the AM subsidy of HAGE, an advanced engineering company with 40 years of experience in reliable, large-format specialty machine building. With this merger, two high-quality, open AM platform providers from Germany and Austria are joining […]

How to choose which features you need on a modular BigRep One

The BigRep ONE is a modular large-format FFF 3D printer designed to produce high-quality, long-lasting parts while saving you time and money. With a massive build volume of one cubic meter and versatile modular feature configurations, it’s perfect for a wide range of applications, including prototypes, furniture design, creative exhibitions, automotive components, tooling, and more. […]

6 considerations for purchasing a Large-Format 3D Printer

Our vendor, BigRep, has put together a very useful checklist of 6 things you need to consider before purchasing a large format 3D printer. There are several factors to consider before purchasing a large format 3D printer. Since there isn't a 3D printer that will fit every single application that you may have, it is […]

BigRep introduces a new generation of large-format 3D printers

BigRep, a leader in large-format 3D printing, unveiled its new generation of 3D printers at the Formnext 2021 event in Frankfurt. The new and improved BigRep PRO, a meter cubed powerhouse 3D printer, is designed with the industrial user’s needs in mind. Its versatility allows for full-scale, large parts including functional prototypes, factory tooling, patterns, […]

3D Printer Cost of Ownership: What you need to consider

The Additive Manufacturing market continues to grow at an exponential rate. This includes a significant increase in adoption from industrial manufacturers while the 3D printing industry itself welcomes new hardware, software and material companies everyday. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a 3D printer, such as material capabilities, build size, purpose and future […]

BigRep machines deliver cost-saving solutions to produce large-scale carbon fibre moulds

Large-scale patterns and moulds are expensive, slow to produce, and complex shapes may not be feasible. Typical CNC milling of patterns wastes material and design iterations are expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, Additive Manufacturing can play a huge role in producing high-quality carbon fibre parts while reducing costs and lead times. BigRep machines deliver cost-saving solutions […]

Khalifa University’s architecture department uses BigRepOne

A group of students of Architecture Dept in the College of Engineering at Khalifa University designed and executed functional prototypes of custom bicycle frames, metal molds using carbon fibre, produced using full scale prints and also creating custom projects for aerospace design engineering using the BigRep One. They had a variety of entry level desktop […]

Printing your luxury furniture with BigRep

With 3D printing and artisan finishing techniques, Germans, René Helmreich and Enrico Klemmer, create custom furnishings that create a personalized ambiance in a room. The two have partnered their respective businesses and skills for a truly unique, and highly efficient, manufacturing process. In just four months of operation, the team has already gained a foothold […]

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