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KuiqMeeting is a smart and modern meeting workflow system that effectively manages and plans meetings by a user friendly and smart integrated technology, enables organization to use the spaces and resources in a better way.


Since 2014, leading Korean manufacturer We Clean addressed escalator hygiene concerns. A survey in Korea revealed 70% of users avoided handrails due to cleanliness fears, leading to accidents. We Clean Engineers developed and tested prototypes, resulting in an automated system that cleans, disinfects, and sterilizes escalators. Their dedication has made this technology a global standard, enhancing safety and hygiene worldwide.

Why your escalator needs a WeClean system

A recent video on TikTok triggered this post. While cleanliness and hygiene was highlighted during the pandemic, this video demonstrated that the need for cleanliness is still paramount. Escalators are convenient for moving between floors effortlessly. However, they also present a unique challenge when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The constant flow of people […]

Brands for Less Group installs WeClean in its shopping Centre in Motor City

Brands For Less Group (BFL), one of the largest retail leaders in the UAE, has installed WeClean at its first Shopping Centre at Motor City, launched late in 2022. WeClean, supplied and installed by Jacky’s Business Solutions, is an award-winning technology that keeps the germs, bacteria and viruses away from the escalator handrail in a […]

Jackys Business Solutions partners with Aiotron for KuiqMeeting office display solutions

Jackys has partnered with Aiotron for its range of electronic display solutions that can be deployed through their range of office display products. Aiotron’s KuiqMeeting solution provides user friendly room booking and information at a glance on room availability, upcoming meetings, room facility, on demand F&B and service requests, meeting attendance capture and much more. […]

Abu Dhabi Airports deploys WeClean Escalator Handrail sanitisers to ensure passenger safety

Abu Dhabi Airports has deployed WeClean Escalator Handrail sanitizing systems on eight escalators and travellators, in its first phase of implementation. The first eight locations are within high-risk areas of Abu Dhabi International Airport, frequented daily by travellers, visitors and employees. The new systems have been installed on escalators at various entrances to the airport including […]

Jacky’s Business Solutions gets Dubai Municipality safety certification for WeClean

WeClean, the escalator handrail sanitizer unit has now been tested for safety. Dubai Municipality has certified that the disinfection liquid C2 used in the device is safe. This certification comes in addition to the certification from the parent company (SWIT INC) in Korea went through testing of the device with a third-party testing agency in […]

Jacky’s brings world’s escalator handrail disinfection solution to UAE

As malls and businesses get back to work and the authorities increase capacity, maintaining disinfection on the escalators would become a bit difficult. Jacky’s Business Solutions now offers the first of its kind, “Escalator Handrail Disinfection & Sterilization Solution”, from We Clean, a leading Korean manufacturer that developed this technology since 2014, to its Middle […]

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