CALDERA and FLEXA Joining Forces For Excellence

Jacky’s Business Solutions is pleased to announce that Caldera has announced the official support of Flexa’s automatic XY cutters. Starting from Version 17.1, CalderaRIP users can officially drive their Flexa Miura devices with the software to benefit from an automated print-to-cut workflow. It all began with a shared vision to push the boundaries of what […]

Caldera software (RIP software)

Caldera is a powerful and flexible high-quality print software driven by innovation, empowering the digital print industry that is serving the graphics and textile market. Caldera improves the efficiency of its print production workflow with advanced pre-press optimization, image processing and color management tools.

Transform Your Printing with Caldera’s VisualRIP Essentials and VisualRIP Pro

In the competitive realm of digital printing, having top-notch tools is crucial. Caldera’s VisualRIP Essentials and VisualRIP Pro are designed to boost efficiency and quality in your printing operations. Jacky’s Business Solutions is offering print production companies the opportunity to kickstart the New Year with a special upgrade offer. For a limited time, it is […]

Caldera awards Jacky’s Best Rip Support for Middle East

Jacky's Business Solutions and its partner, Saasz, has recently been awarded the "Best Rip Support" award by Caldera, a software company that specializes in RIP software that converts an image file to a format that a printer understands. As a local partner for Caldera, Jacky's Business Solutions has been instrumental in providing exceptional support and […]

How RIP software makes the most of your printing projects

Software for large format printers is key to getting the most out of them. Jacky’s Business Solutions has been working with three key RIP software vendors, Onyx, Caldera and SAi catering to different needs within the printing sector.   Globally renowned for its powerful and user friendly wide-format RIP Software, Print Workflow, and Print Business […]

Caldera announces RIP Software Upgrade

Caldera, one of the leading providers of RIP software for HP Latex printers, has launched the latest version of this bestselling software. The new version offers a new algorithm to parallelize jobs processing submitted to CalderaRIP via Hotfolders, bringing huge savings of up to 35 percent on PDF workflows, 60 percent on TIFF workflows, and […]

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