Jacky’s team partners with Aitechcom to showcase robots at Comex

Jacky’s Business Solutions participated in the COMEX Show last month in collaboration with Aitechom, a prominent technology company based in Muscat, Oman. The partnership between Jacky’s and Aitechcom has flourished over the past two years, leveraging their combined expertise to provide innovative solutions to their customers. The joint participation in the show showcased their commitment to bringing cutting-edge technology to Oman and the wider region.

The COMEX Show, Oman's Official Technology Show, held at the Oman Convention Center in Muscat, showcased a diverse range of innovative products and solutions. From humanoid robots to smart delivery robots and personal assistant robots, the joint participation between Jacky’s and Aitechcom attracted visitors from various sectors, including government officials, business professionals, students, and technology enthusiasts.

One of the highlights was the presence of humanoid robots, including the popular Pepper and Nao models. These humanoid robots showcased their capabilities and interacted with visitors, demonstrating the potential of robotics in various fields.

Smart delivery robots also captured attention at the event. Kettybot and Bellabot were among the showcased robots that demonstrated their ability to autonomously navigate through spaces, making deliveries efficient and convenient. Additionally, the Temi V3 personal assistant robot garnered interest for its ability to assist individuals in various tasks and serve as a smart companion.

The COMEX Show attracted a diverse audience, including representatives from the government and private sectors. Government officials were keen to explore the latest technological advancements and their potential applications in various domains. Local and international businesspeople attended the event to stay updated on emerging technologies and explore potential partnerships. Furthermore, students also flocked to the show to gain insights into the evolving technology landscape and explore career opportunities.

According to Manoj Ganapathy, Division Manager at Jacky's Business Solutions’ Visitors Management & Robotics Division, the COMEX Show proved to be a remarkable event and further reinforced their commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the market. The success and organization of the event ensured that attendees left with valuable insights and inspiration for the future of technology in Oman.

If you want to find out about how our robots can add value to your business, reach out to the team at vms.sales@jackys.com for more information.

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