Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai opts for BRM Laser for their lab

In an era where educational institutions strive to blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Dubai stands out as one of the pioneers. The university’s recent addition of the BRM Laser in its School of Design and Architecture, from our sister company, Cutting Edge Solutions, through their partner, Al Suwaidi Computers, has marked a significant advancement in this approach.

Bridging Industry-Academia Gap

Asifa Mahajabeen Noor, a faculty member at School of Design and Architecture at MAHE Dubai, is an architect and educator with a passion for technical and management education. Her approach is not just about theoretical learning; it’s about understanding the construction and technical aspects behind the conceptual understanding. Asifa’s role involves teaching technical courses such as construction drawing, services to architecture and interior design students, hence keen to integrate technology into the curriculum. Her inclination towards interior design drives her to handle intricate projects where precision and detailing are paramount.

Tools of Learning and Exploration

Asifa commented, “MAHE Dubai’s vision for academic excellence led to the establishment of a lab to provide a holistic overview to students, enabling them not only to digitally visualize their projects but also to bring them to life. This aligns perfectly with the university’s goal to merge academic and industry expertise.”

The COAV (Computational Design and Virtual Augmented Reality) lab, though in its nascent stage, is a step towards a larger vision of developing expertise in Computational Design Education. It houses AR and VR headsets for immersive learning experiences, a 3D printing machine for prototyping, the BRM Laser and display of student explorations. This equipment opens avenues for students to experiment with various materials and construction techniques, enhancing their hands-on experience.

The Impact of BRM Laser in Education

The integration of the BRM Laser into MAHE Dubai’s curriculum has been transformational. It provides students with experiential learning opportunities, bridging the gap between 2D designs and physical models. Students, after digital visualization of their design solutions, can now explore different materials and understand the fabricating process of their designs along with complexities, be it through 3D printing or Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting using the likes of BRM Laser.

MAHE Dubai ’s initiative to incorporate the BRM Laser into their (teaching methodology or) pedagogy epitomizes the fusion of technology and education. According to Asifa, innovative teaching practices highlight the institution’s dedication to preparing students for industry challenges. This synergy of academia with industry not only enhances the learning experience but also positions MAHE Dubai at the forefront of technological advancement in education.

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