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Welcome to our April updates.

We hope that your businesses have not been affected greatly by the recent inclement weather and hope that, if you were, you are well on your way to recover. If you have bought equipment from us, we issued an advisory that was also posted on our LinkedIn page and sent on email but we have shared it here in this newsletter. Heavier rainfalls are something that we all will have to plan for in this country going forward. This means we will be ensuring provisions for transportation, logistics and warehousing to ensure that any of the challenges we faced this time around are better mitigated going forward for all our customers. Given that inclement is here to stay, we would advise that you connect with our service team to have SLAs in place for future.

A shorter than normal newsletter given the holidays in April and the recent weather and closures but we have an exciting story from Manipal University on how their architecture Lab is bridging the gap between Academia and the industry with their BRM Laser and other technology.

We also have three products to highlight – two of them are new and one of them relatively new but with a key focus on the enterprise use case. We have now added the K3 Façade Cleaning Robot to our service robot portfolio. In a city of high-rise buildings, the new robot should make life easier (and safer) for the building maintenance companies. We also welcome the new laminator from Flexa that should be making its way to our region soon.

In this issue we have also shone a spotlight on the Samsung A-series phones and their versatility and productivity in the enterprise mobility sector combined with our new device-as-a-service option.

I wanted to share a quick reminder that we are joining our vendors at Drupa this year where Zund will be sharing some exciting new products. If you are there, do register with us.

If you have a story to tell about our products and services, please reach out to our PR team on and we can add your story to our next newsletter.

If you want to reach out to us for a consultation around any of our B2B tech, visit our site or talk to us. Until the next newsletter, connect with us on social media – LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagram and TikTok. Don’t forget that we now also have a WhatsApp Channel where we share updates between newsletters.

If you know someone that should be on this distribution list, please feel free to share with them and do ask them to subscribe directly.

We hope that May is productive and look forward to seeing how we can help you extend that productivity.

Ashish Panjabi

COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions

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