MakerBot 3D printers are the industry leaders when it comes desktop 3D printing. Comes with innovative features like remote mobile app to control printers, MakerBot desktop software to slice 3D files for 3D printing. The 5th generation 3D printers comes in three different build sizes.


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  • What is MakerBot 3d printer:

MakerBot 3D printer is a professional 3D printing platform for safe, reliable, and precise innovation.


  • What does a MakerBot 3D printer do?

With its additive manufacturing technology, MakerBot 3D printer enables users to produce rapid prototyping of fit, function, and general-purpose models with high accuracy and functionality.


  • What is MakerBot known for?

MakerBot is known for next-generation desktop 3D printing platform that delivers manufacturing grade parts with advanced engineering materials.


  • What can you make with a MakerBot?

Using CAD software, you can sketch out a 3D model and use your MakerBot to manifest it in the real world. Anything from consumer goods, end user parts, manufacturing tools etc.


  • What type of printer is a MakerBot?

MakerBot is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) printer.


  • What are the benefits of 3D printing?

Some of the benefits are rapid prototyping, strong and light weight parts, fast design and production, cost effective, ease of access and environment friendly materials.


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