Zund launches new products and accessories


Zund launches new products and accessories
Tuesday 17, Dec, 2019
Zund launches new products and accessories

Jacky’s Business Solutions sister concern, Cutting Edge Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a board separation assistance for the loading portal of the Zund BHS 150. The front separation will be included in the standard setup for the BHS 150 from 1 September 2019. The back separation assistance will be optional and is recommended for thicker materials such as twin wall sheets or triple wall corrugated boards.


In addition, the press cutting tool, which allows cutting corrugated cardboard up to 7mm with full cutter speed, is now available. The special head compresses the material during the cutting and creates results which are very close to the ones achieved with die cutting. Given the fact that it is a non-oscillating tool, the edge quality is very smooth. The tool can be used with the UM Modules on S3, G3, and D3 and is fully supported by Zund and Cutting Edge Solutions technical team.


If you want to connect with the Zund team to find out more, email Prajakta Patil on support@cuttingedge.solutions.


Zund Launches New Products And Accessories

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