Revolutionizing Robotics – The Merger of TEMI and Robocore

As we embrace the new year, it’s exciting to witness the innovative strides in the world of robotics. Our recent conversation with Roy Lim, CEO of Robocore, shed light on their remarkable journey and the merger with temi, a pivotal moment in their history. The Merger Story In an insightful dialogue, Roy Lim recounted the […]

Temi Robot

The world’s first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal robot for your home or business. Temi places you at the centre of your technology, including smart home devices, online content and video communications – harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. A fully open SDK platform allows you to program your own applications for your business, making Temi not just any other robot, but your very own unique one.

Unlocking Creativity and Learning with TEMI x MIT Scratch Kit

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, innovative tools and platforms play a pivotal role in transforming the way students learn and teachers instruct. One such tool making significant waves in classrooms worldwide is Scratch, a visual programming language and online community developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The […]

Al Rostamani introduces Temi as a team member at its Suzuki Showroom in Deira

In the era of digital transformation, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their customer experience. One such innovation that is making waves in the retail industry is the Temi robot. Recently, Al Rostamani successfully introduced Temi V3 Robot with a bespoke Purplegrid application at the Suzuki Showroom in Deira, UAE, to interact with […]

Jacky’s Business Solutions collaborates with Artiligent to deploy AI enabled solutions for schools

Jacky’s Business Solutions is collaborating with Artiligent to deploy AI enabled robotic solutions for the education sector across the GCC. Artiligent has, till date, deployed these solutions at Global Indian International School, Dubai, and One World International School, Riyadh. Artiligent’s robotic education solution keeps engagement and education at the forefront. The robots engage with the […]

Jacky’s Business Solutions teams with Purplegrids to offer Temi free

Jacky’s Business Solutions has teamed up with Purplegrids to offer packaged Robotic Hyper automation customer engagement platform to enhance the customer experience. The new Temi V3, the 3rd generation 5G enabled robot for business comes FREE with a 12-month subscription to the Purplegrids' cloud platform for as little as USD 999 per month. The solution […]

Ajman Police deploys Temi and Pepper robots for customer

To support the government’s vision of smart transformation in the provision of services, the Ajman Police General Command launched smart robots – Temi and Pepper – in its Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Services Center to enhance artificial intelligence in the service of customers. This will allow customers to obtain assistance in completing their services, in […]

Samsung retail stores integrate Temi with QMS system

Samsung’s Dubai Mall outlet is using Temi Robot as an Assistant and Ticketing Manager. It greets every customer and helps them to get the right queueing ticket for services like consultation, accessories, sales, unit collection, software update, and many more. Temi also acts like as a co-worker, helping to promote Samsung products & services, leaving […]

Jacky’s Robot “hospital” expands service support to support Temi Robots in the UAE

In 2019, Jacky’s launched its robot “hospital” for Softbank Robotics Pepper robot and that has now expanded to include service support for  Temi Robots. The facility will enable businesses to get spare parts and support services from qualified engineers without needing to go to the manufacturer. According to Manoj Ganapathy, manager for the VMS division […]

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